USA Holiday 2008

Photographs and details of our holiday to Colorado and the Rockies in July 2010

In July 2010, Jill and myself flew to Denver, along with Peter & Linda Jordan for a 2 1/2 weeks holiday based around Colorado.
We flew from Manchester Airport to New York, then Chicago, then onto Denver, all by American Airways.

Having hired a 7 seater car for the holiday, we did some sight seeing for the next couple of days before the rest flew out from the UK, some via Manchester and some via London. We then hired an eleven seater mini bus as well, to travel around the country.

The accommodation was in motels, mostly one nighters but we had a number of 2 or more nights in some places.
Eating was in local Diners and restaurants as we moved around, all of them where great fun and good meals.

At the end of the main holiday on 13th September, all of the passengers left for the UK, leaving Linda & Fuzz, Jill & Myself to have a couple of days unwinding before we flew home on 15th September.

Whilst Jill had her own small digital camera, we soon realised that she would be better trying one of my Nikon digital SLR’s, I had a job getting it back !! So the photos shown, could be taken by Jill or myself.

Michael Melbourne

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