Photo Gallery 5

Photo Gallery 5 - Durango & Silverton Railroad, Dolores & Museum at Telluride

End of the line at Silverton

Shady Lady

Main St. Silverton

478 waiting to return

Going down the Animas River

478 at Durango

481 at Durango

481 head-to-head with 478

Jill between the locos

478 clearing the ashes

478 on the turntable

In the shed at Durango

Another view

Museum at Durango

The road crossing at Durango

On the way to Silverton


Going under the road

Goose No5 at Dolores

Galloping Goose on the short track

Snake Head Pass

Snake Head Pass

Info plaque

Info plaque





Museum at Telluride

Jill posing on caboose

Goose No1 at Telluride

Goose No 4 at Telluride

Old jail wagon

Preserved loco at Black Canyon

Train on trestle

278 Denver & Rio Grand Western RR


Some old wagons

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