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Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures

Engine Type

Beam Type. Low Pressure,  Double acting rotative and Condensing House Engine.

Built by

James Watt & Co. Birmingham  and London, 1884.


5,525 for each beam  engine, including installation,
Total cost of the whole pumping station site was 55,000

Steam Pressure

When Pumping 50 lbs. per  sq. in.
Now about 25 lbs. per sq. in.

Power Generated

Approx. 140 hp at 11 1/2  rpm

Cylinder Bore



7 1/2 ft.


3 1/4 ft. Throw


20 ft. Diameter. Weight 24  tons.


25 ft Long. Weight 13 tons.

Valve Gear

Double Beat Cornish type,  housed in upper and lower Steam Chests and driven by a single Cam Shaft.

Governing System

Watt's Centrifugal Governor  acting on Main Steam Valve via Rod Linkage.

Condensing System

Watt's Patent Separate Condenser  with spray injection. Fed and cooled with water from the Cooling Pond.

Rod Linkage

Watt's Patent 'Three Link  Parallel Motion' applied to all Rods except the Connecting Rod and Boiler  Feed Pump Rod.

Boiler Type

6 - Hand Fired Horizontal  Galloway Boiler. ( Lancashire variant ).

Method of Working

Three Boilers operational  when pumping.

Boiler Size

7' 2" dia. x 28' 7"  long. 3,200 gallons of water.

Steaming Capacity

Approx. 8,000 lbs. per hour.

Coal Consumption

About 5 1/4 tons per day,  when pumping.

Daily Pumping Capacity

1,500,000 Gallons per engine  per day

Cooling Pond Capacity

1,250,000 Gallons