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Site Photos

Views of the Pumping Station

Aerial view of station

Aerial view of the pumping station, the pumphouse is to the left of the cooling pond,
with the chimney and workshops on the far left. Taken in 2002

An aerial view of the pumping station taken by Robin Macey, taken on Friday 3rd November 2006 from a hot air balloon.

1884 view

View of the site during building in 1884, notice the well laid out formal gardens,
unlike the mature site in the top photograph.
Notice that the front porch is still to be built, entrance is via a plank of wood.

1884 view right

View to the right of the cooling pond, with the Superintendent's House on the far side.
The headstock is over the pilot well, with boilerhouse & chimney for the trial pumping station built  to test the water bearing capacity of the underground sandstone water supply.
During test pumping, a beam engine & pumps in the buildings on the right with the chimney, along with 2 boilers (numbers 1 & 6, now in  the main boilerhouse) 1,300,000 gallons of water was pumped each day from  the 190 feet deep well.

Photograph of the site taken in 1886, the main station is complete with porch.
Also a small workshop has been added to the side of the boiler room.

View to the right of the cooling pond,
The timber tower is over the pilot well has be boarded over and the boilerhouse & chimney has gone.

Nowadays a modern low-level building, erected the late 1960's, built over the site,  houses the control equipment for the electric pumps fitted on the bottom of the 4 pipes going down the original pilot well. This well still supplies 3 million gallons of water to Nottingham each day.